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About iDent

iDent Imaging produces advanced CT image processing software and surgical guidance solutions to simplify and improve the accurate planning and placement of dental implants. iDent's patented process speeds up implant placement, reduces risks and uncertainties, and expands the number of dental professionals able to place implants. iDent's simple yet sophisticated, prosthetically-driven solutions are designed to allow dentists of all levels to improve the quality of their implant placement, streamline restorations and raise the productivity and quality of their practices. iDent is based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

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What products does iDent offer ?

iDent produces products for the accurate planning and placement of dental implants:

a)  Scan2Guide (S2G), a virtual environment for the planning of the optimal placement of dental implants
b) iGuides,  Surgical guides to ensure accurate implant placement based on the pre-surgical plan executed on ImplantMaster or Scan2Guide software
c) iTools for assisting in performing the drilling protocol of implant manufacturers
d) ImplantMaster, a full-feature version of Scan2Guide for use by iDent distributors and partners