Mandible – Two Posterior Implants with Navigator


In this case 2 implants were placed in the posterior mandible, using the Navigator kit from Biomet 3i. Without guided surgery, this type of case can be challenging. The longest possible implant can be safely placed, in the optimal angulation for the prosthetic restoration. The osteotomies were performed with flapless surgery.

In this posterior location, the angulation is difficult to visualize without guided surgery. The direction of the implant must relate to the occlusion of the restoration

Sagital sections of the implants. The implants are in a safe location, in optimal bone, and relate to the prosthetic position.

The virtual surgical guide is viewed in 3D before production. The digitally produced surgical guide is positioned for surgery.

Soft tissue punching with Navigator tool. Drill includes measured stop.

Case by Dr Dov Kischinovsky, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Jerusalem