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Scan2Guide – the easiest way from CT scan to surgical guide.

Scan2Guide or S2G is iDent’s primary planning software version for use by dentist end-users. This application allows dentists to plan the clinical aspects of the treatment plan without the need to deal with the technical aspects of the operation of the software. Scan2Guide is used in conjunction with ImplantMaster, and cannot be used as a standalone application. Scan2Guide software is available through iDent Partners.

Features and benefits

  • Visualization, diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • Predictability in the implant process – understand the issues in your case before starting the surgical procedure.
  • Use of raw DICOM data from most cone beam dental scanners, as well as medical CT – no post processing of CT scanner images is needed.

How the Process Works

CT image data is processed in Scan2Guide, providing the dentist with a user-friendly interface for viewing the anatomy of the implant site. The software allows the dentist to plan with confidence the optimal, prosthetically driven location for dental implants taking into account anatomical, functional and aesthetic considerations. The treatment plan decided upon by the dentist is transmitted to iDent or an iDent manufacturing partner facility for the digital manufacture of an iGuide corresponding to the virtual treatment plan created in Scan2Guide.

ImplantMaster software is a full featured version of Scan2Guide for use by iDent distributors and other commercial partners. ImplantMaster prepares cases for use by end-users running Scan2Guide.

iGuide surgical guides are manufactured by iDent or iDent manufacturing partners using advanced digital manufacturing technologies. iGuides are generated by the software based upon the virtual planning of the optimal location of the dental implants in the jaw bone, the iDent patented process produces a customized surgical guide that simplifies the drilling process and guides the dentist to place the implant in the precise location as planned.

The iGuide is a customized implant drilling surgical guide produced by rapid manufacturing technology. iDent’s unique process overcomes problem of CT scatter from metal in the jaw, and enables the guide to be placed accurately and firmly on the jaw, in both edentulous and partially edentulous cases.

How an iGuide is produced

Treatment planning data received from the dentist is transmitted by email to an iDent partner or service center where digital manufacturing technology rapidly produces the iGuide – a customized implant drilling template corresponding with precision to the dentist’s implant treatment plan. The guide is sent back to the dentist for use in the implant placement procedure, resulting in efficient implant placement with confidence.

Advantages of using iGuides in surgery

n Reduction in surgery time, predictable outcome
n Reduced trauma, pain and swelling for patients
n Flapless surgery in appropriate cases
n Shorter recuperation time
n Accurate transfer of virtual planning to the clinical environment
n Improved prosthetic results
n Immediate loading in appropriate cases
n Less stressful for patient and dentist

iTools are used to adapt implant company drills for use with iGuide surgical guides manufactured by iDent. The inner diameter of each iTool is designed and manufactured to enable the use of implant company or drilling manufacturers’ drills, corresponding to the drilling sequence of each company’s surgical protocol. Dentists order iTools with internal diameters suited to the implant brand that they prefer.


Patent Notice

iDent products are protected by US Patent  7,574,025 and related international patents. They are also covered by pending patent applications in the US and internationally.